Top 3 Luxury Bathroom Features

In your mind, your bathroom is your personal sanctuary, the epitome of calmness, serenity and luxury. Sometimes the reality doesn’t quite live up to the fantasy. If you find that this is the case for you, don’t worry, we’ve collected our favourite tips on how you can make your fantasy into a reality.

Ultimate luxury in marble looks

A classic, timeless and beautiful material to have in any bathroom is marble. Marble is the ultimate material that brings an immediate sense of luxury. Marble is the perfect fit for small and big bathrooms. Adding a feature as luxurious as marble not only elevates the room but adds long term value to your home.

However, real marble is hard to maintain. Most of our clients use marble replica and marble look. Marble look stone tops are non-porous and easy to clean. Marble look tiles come in various shapes and sizes and can be used throughout the room or as a feature.

Incorporating marble into your decor

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate marble into your bathroom decor. Go big with marble tiles, a marble stonetop or there’s always the option to incorporate marble on a smaller scale. A marble soap tray, toothbrush holders and dispenser are beautiful, subtle additions to any bathroom.

In our recent project, we used marble replica porcelain panels to create a sleek design with minimal joints, and a low maintenance benefit.

wide angled bathroom shot of south perth

See the project here: South Perth

Luxury lighting

Correct lighting in your bathroom is one of the main contributors to an enjoyable bathroom experience. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a single overhead light source will be sufficient to create an enviable space. We recommend working with downlights to illuminate the room, and place a spotlight centred directly over the basin for optimum vanity lighting.

Tip: Use feature pendants and luxurious strip lighting around the bathroom to highlight areas within the room.

Wooden shelving features
See the project here: Daglish

Consider your different types of lighting: task lighting, ambient lighting, ceiling lighting, accent lighting and of course, natural light. When these elements are well put together, they take your bathroom to a new level.

Task lighting

Task lights are most commonly placed above or next to a vanity. Contrast is important in regard to task lighting, too much will result in an excess of shadows.

Ambient lighting and ceiling lighting

With the purpose of replacing natural light, ambient light is the most common feature in the bathroom and is often used interchangeably with ceiling lights. Ambient light is supposed to illuminate a general space or area in your bathroom.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is typically used to draw the attention to a decorative feature. Strip light, spotlights or adjustable down lights are perfect examples of accent lights!

Natural light

Who doesn’t want to have as much natural light in their bathroom as possible? Not always possible but a carefully placed window or skylight can do more than you think. Even a small window will provide light throughout the day, reduce your power usage and improve ventilation!

Bring nature inside

Erase the border between inside and outside by welcoming nature into your bathroom. Bringing nature into your home can be done in multiple ways. Use materials such as stone, wood, hessian baskets to accessorise as well as bringing physical plants in. Or why not go to nature by building an outdoor shower?

In a recent project, we brought the nature into the bathroom by custom designing a marri timber vanity.

StJames bathroom vanity and shower

See the project here: St James

Plants are another great way to bring your bathroom to life. Ones that are hardy and happy to live in humid environments include Aloe Vera or low-light loving Chinese evergreen. Both are great options that will not only bring a bit of green to your bathroom but will also increase the air quality.

Are you thinking about bringing added luxury to your bathroom? Our team are here to help! Chat to us today about our custom interior design and bathroom renovation solutions.

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