Kiln Lane is a beautifully renovated family home. It has a harmonious blend of design and functionality, meticulously crafted to reflect the unique lifestyle and living habits of our clients. The interior and exterior design fulfils the requirements of the brief by ensuring that functionality and aesthetics combine effortlessly to create a comfortable, stylish bespoke home.



The open layout of the front living area of the home fosters a sense of togetherness. The kitchen, dining area, living room and alfresco seamlessly flow into one another, creating an ideal space for family gatherings and casual conversations. This open design encourages interaction, allowing family members to share their daily experiences while cooking, dining, or relaxing.

Mid-century modern contemporary vanity front wtih curved edges, seamless drawer fronts and bespoke mirrored cabinetry above with bronze tapware

The double volume space has been amplified by the installation of a stunning oversized pendant central to the space and black framed glass partitions. These partitions assist to reduce noise transfer to upper living areas while still maintaining an open aspect. A full height fine flute glazed metal framed cavity sliding door enables privacy in the living room when required, but its discrete placement ensures flow when not in use.

KILN LANE 050 small


The kitchen is designed to cater to the family’s Italian heritage and love for cooking and entertaining. It boasts high end integrated appliances, a spacious island with bar seating, and ample counter space for meal preparation – perfect spot for preparing family feasts. The combination of the fresh blue 2 pac painted cove profile island bench, tranquil green and calm white bespoke cabinetry, and light Calcatta style engineered stone creates a stunning colour palette that is unique and sophisticated. The black feature surface mount lights and brushed Roma bronze tapware add a touch of luxury and elegance to the space, while the deep brass-look anodized aluminum trim feature on the island bench creates a beautiful focal point that draws the eye.

Before and after renovation transformation, palm bay reno


Recognising the importance of remote work and study, we’ve incorporated customised workspaces throughout the home. These areas feature ergonomic fitted furniture, storage solutions, and a calm atmosphere, ensuring that family members can work or study effectively without compromising on comfort.

Mid-century modern contemporary curved vanity with finger pull


The bathrooms in this home are designed to be luxurious sanctuaries. The custom-made curved timber veneer vanities with a chifley profile, create a warm and inviting atmosphere that are both modern and timeless. The natural wood texture is perfectly complimented by the large format porcelain tiling that extends from the floor to ceiling, providing a stunning backdrop for the vanities. Roma Bronze Tapware adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the spaces, while feature wall lights create a beautiful balanced ambiance. The double basins are practical and functional, allowing for ease of use and adding an extra layer of convenience to the space. 

KILN LANE 057 small

A freestanding bath in the master with a niche above is a true focal statement piece that provides a sense of luxury and indulgence. The design of these spaces are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, with every feature carefully selected to create cohesive and visually striking spaces.

KILN LANE 060 small


The façade and side fencing clad in composite timber adds texture to the overall look of the house. The teak front batten fencing and gate has been treated and will silver over time while the bright Casper White walls create a contemporary clean aesthetic. The rear pool area has the look and feel of a Mediterranean oasis with clean, simple lines, bright white marble pavers and lush planter gardens inviting relaxation and fun. The visual of the pool from both levels through enlarged windows enhances the feeling of openness and connectivity between the interior and exterior.

Bronze reeded glass screen door for toilet enclosure with brushed nickel flush button


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