Project Overview: Ensuite In Raffles Apartment

Our Applecross clients came to us wanting a glamorous ensuite with a layout that would meet their needs for wheelchair accessibility. It was extremely important to the client that their ensuite didn’t look like a disabled bathroom while simultaneously meeting Australian accessibility standards and regulations. Meeting the requirements didn’t stop us creating a space that encapsulates the luxurious penthouse atmosphere. Our design solutions are comprised of an abundance of intricate details that cohesively combine to create this cleverly unique space.

The proposed layout included the removal of a large, unused corner spa that was taking up valuable space. Gaining the corner of the room allowed us to create an opening from the ensuite into the walk-in robe, integrating the rooms.


Applecross Apartment Ensuite 1

Applecross Apartment Ensuite 2


Our designer came up with a truly unique, dual propose vanity that is highly functional. This unique concept includes pocket doors below the left basin that fold away for wheelchair access. After use, the doors can be closed; imitating a standard wall hung vanity. Meeting Australian standards for wheelchair accessibility we lowered the vanity height to be accessible from the wheelchair. All consideration was made to ensure the vanity was still user friendly from a standing position as well.

Due to plumbing restrictions in the apartments, our designer proposed a new wall behind the vanity (in front of the existing wall) which allowed us to chase and hide the waste pipes. This wall is virtually unnoticeable due to the thickness of the structural wall on the left hand side of the new walk in robe opening.


Applecross Apartment Ensuite 3


We worked closely with our clients to specify products that would suit the lavish style of the room whilst keeping in mind the accessibility requirements. The existing bidet was not in use and created an obstacle for the toilet. Removing the bidet we thoroughly measured the surrounds of the toilet to ensure the wheelchair turn circle diameter would be ample. Every design decision was carefully considered by our designer to create a cohesive space. A custom-made white grab rail next to the toilet was specifically selected as to blends into the wall without being an eyesore.


Applecross Apartment Ensuite 4


The existing design had a prominent, large enclosed shower that was hard to get in and out of with a wheelchair. The door itself was 10mm frameless glass, spanning over a meter long and 2200 high. It was too heavy to open and close after each use and remained permanently open. In the proposed layout we relocated the shower head and created a custom curved wall to divide the room. The radius of the curved wall allows the wheelchair to fit into the shower recess with ease and achieves the ideal wheelchair turn circle diameter. A large shower seat runs along the back wall of the shower, with wall recess storage and hand shower at an effortlessly reachable height when sitting.

Although spatially the floor meterage was significant, due to the large full-length apartment window we were restricted on usable wall space. We made recommendations for vertical heated towel rails to be situated next to the shower for easy accessibility that can also be accessed when sitting.


Applecross Apartment Ensuite 5


The selection of marble replica porcelain panels instantly elevate this room radiating a sense of opulence throughout. The light tone complements the masses of natural light that flood into the room. The large format, sleek design with minimal joins creates a low maintenance factor. For safety reasons we ensured that non slip rated panels were selected.


Applecross Apartment Ensuite 6


Upon entering the ensuite from the bedroom, you are welcomed by an impressive porcelain curved wall and custom curved ceiling. Our tiler meticulously cut 50mm strips of the wall panels to create the curvature of the nib wall. The design decision to continue the panels on the wall was a no brainer as it flows seamlessly with the marble veining. Our team measured the apartment lift and entry into the bedroom, confirming the large format panels could be transported into the room.

Most importantly, our clients are extremely happy with the improvements and are grateful to have such a unique space that makes their day-to-day life a breeze.


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