How to Create Additional Value in a One Bath Home

Imagine a family of four living in the western suburbs of Perth. They have a beautiful three bedroom house and a lovely pool out the back. But only one bathroom.

Enter the Spring family who have spent the last thirteen years living in a one bathroom house. While the kids were little it was manageable, but with teenagers in the home it was not working.

Mornings were a frantic competition for the single bathroom.

They considered moving to a 2 bathroom home, but after visiting multiple open houses, they discovered that the cost of moving was far too high, and they couldn’t afford to remain in the suburb that they loved.

Looking for other solutions they decided to improve their current home, but with a small house they couldn’t imagine how to gain a second bathroom without having to extend the house.

That is where Lux Interiors stepped in.

The Springs were hoping that a small room off the master bedroom could be turned into an ensuite bathroom, and had planned to install a custom wardrobe in their bedroom for their clothes. They didn’t want to lose space from their master, however they believed this was the most realistic use of the space.

When Kyle from Lux Interiors visited the home, he could immediately envisage a bespoke hotel-style bathroom with adjoining walk in robe without taking space from their master bedroom. As licenced builders Lux were able to look past the limitations of walls and doors, and maintain the budget that the Spring’s had in mind.

Lux Interiors were able to look past the limitations of the four walls.


The small bedroom before the remodel.

“We put off this new bathroom for 13 years because we didn’t think we had the space under the roofline. We were so impressed that Lux Interiors were able to take a small bedroom and turn it into a ensuite and walk in robe and both spaces are amazingly spacious.  I can’t believe it is the same small bedroom “ said home owner, Jenny Spring.

The results were perfect for the Spring family and the crazy morning schedule of fighting over one bathroom has now become a relaxed morning for everyone.  The bathroom is full of custom features including an inwall toilet, Lux custom streamlined shower screen, and a bespoke wood-veneer vanity.


The countertop basin creates a focal point for this small ensuite.


Pendant lighting creates a beautiful decorative element in the room.


The flooring tile is continued behind the toilet to create a sense of space.

So many people are faced with the same dilemma as the Springs. To help other households that are in the same position, Lux Interiors will be holding Perth’s first Bathroom Open House where the public is welcome to walk through an already completed bathroom.

A bespoke bathroom requires the combination of builder ingenuity and good design.

“Showrooms are great places see products, but our clients really want to walk through a completed bathroom,” said Kyle of Lux Interiors. “The Bathroom Open House will show how some builder ingenuity is coupled with good design and quality trades to give the Spring’s the bespoke ensuite and walk in robe investment.”

If you’d like to see how Lux Interiors can create value in your home through beautifully designed bathrooms, call us on 9344 7606, or go to the Contact Us page and let us know how we can help.

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