DI… Why!? Here’s Why You Should Use an Interior Designer

Dreaming of a home renovation? Perhaps a new open plan kitchen and living area? Or how about a luxury bath with a skylight above so you relax and look at the stars…? The possibilities are endless. And if you haven’t talked to an interior designer yet prepare to take those possibilities to a whole new level.

Why should I talk to an Interior Designer?

When planning a renovation, it can be tempting to go down the DIY route. It’ll save you money, right? Not necessarily. Skimping on the important parts of the project will likely end up costing you in the long run. Utilising the skills and experience of a qualified interior designer and builder can elevate your renovation to whole new level and make the most out of every dollar you spend.

How can they help?

Planning a renovation is just like building a house – get the foundations right and you’re unlikely to get into trouble later.  An interior designer can help you refine your vision based on the space you have to work with. Keeping your budget and lifestyle in mind, they’ll bring fresh new ideas, styles, products and materials to the table you weren’t even aware existed. Floor plans, elevations, construction documentation and 3D renderings will help you visual your space before you decide to proceed and ensure existing furnishings work within your new space. Experience counts, ensuring your renovation adds value to your home, is within your budget, and delivers on your brief.

Time is money

Throughout the process there are a lot of decisions to be made. Every decision impacts the next and delays can happen if the process is not carefully managed. Working with an experienced interior designer and builder ensures that building materials, products and furnishings are ordered on time.  In building, time is money, and efficient project management will most definitely save you both.

When should I get in touch?

As soon as possible talk to an experienced interior designer and builder. With Lux Interiors you get both. We are extremely proud to have Perth’s only certified interior designer, Kerrie Richardson, as part of our team. Couple this with our incredible award-winning builders and you can’t go wrong.

Why choose Lux Interiors?

In our experience the best outcomes are achieved when builders and designers collaborate. From the design phase, throughout the build and to the all-important finishing touches at the end, the team at Lux Interiors work together seamlessly. On time and on budget. It’s a formula that’s turning heads and winning awards. Why do it alone? Take your renovation to whole new level with the qualified interior design and build team at Lux Interiors.

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