In Awe of the Artistic Arch

Arches can be a a wonderful way to add grandeur, prominence and personality into your home, transforming an average rectangular space into something elegant and interesting. The arch design trend is flourishing right now, and whether it’s a full arched ceiling or a curved mirror and vanity, arches are worth considering in your next renovation.

Why choose to include arches?

Arches have a unique way of creating the illusion of space. Curved ceilings add extra height to a room, while arched windows or doorway can make a room feel wider. Curves are strong and bold, yet at the same time elegant and calming. If you look closely, you’ll see arches are popping up frequently in modern design, but not necessarily in the places you might expect. Small arched alcoves can make an eye-catching statement on a wall, arched doorways offer an enticing path to another room and curved cabinetry transforms a functional necessity into an impressive feature.

Where can I use arches in my home?

You can use arches to highlight things you love about your home, such as a fantastic view, or to transform a previously uninteresting space into something special, such as a shower recess. All it takes is creativity! Here are a few areas to consider:


Hallways can often become a bit neglected and uninteresting; they are a gateway from one area of your home to another. Arches are a brilliant way to open your hallway and add some personality. Your eyes are drawn upwards and then down the hallway, giving a feeling of space. Repeating the arch at the end of a hallway with a feature pendent, curved furniture or an arched window can be especially effective.


Arches give interior doorways a real sense of style, framing the room within and adding a feeling of space. If you really want to pack a punch, consider painting the doorframe a distinctive colour. Arched doorways can be used almost anywhere but are especially worthwhile in dining rooms, entrances halls, and formal living rooms.


You may not initially associate mirrors with arches, but an arched mirror can be incredibly effective.  Freestanding or wall mounted curved mirrors are ideal for rooms that have small or no windows, giving a feeling of space and adding extra light. A large arched mirror above a vanity can have a huge part to play in transforming a small square bathroom into an elegant oasis.

If you’re looking at renovating or building, why not add some flare and personality with the use of arches? The team at Lux Interiors, Perth’s leading bathroom design and renovation specialists, have nearly two decades of experience transforming ordinary spaces into something truly special. If you’re keen to arch on ahead in style, we would love to hear from you.

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