How to create a productive work space at home

With the home office now becoming a must-have for most houses, we’ve collated our top 5 tips to create a productive work space at home that will actually make you want to sit down and tick off your to-do list.

The location of your office space is one of, if not the most important factor when planning your home office. If you require a quiet, private place to work then you could consider a transformation of a spare bedroom, the garage or an outdoor shed turned garden office. Alternatively, if you need to be in an open area to keep an eye on children or fur-babies then the kitchen island, dining table or living room could be more suitable.

Natural light
When planning your office, keep in mind how you can bring natural light into your space. Natural light is important for keeping you energised, happy and healthy while you work. Something that our designer, Kerrie uses in her home office space is a mirror to reflect and spread the natural light around the room.

Consider how sound impacts your productivity, you may prefer to add background noise with music or TV. If you can’t work with sound, try incorporating carpet and other soft furnishings that can work as acoustic dampeners.

Find out how you work
And design your space accordingly. We highly recommend custom-made cabinetry to ensure your space suits how you work and how to use your space most efficiently. Custom cabinetry will open up more possibilities and allow you to repurpose unused space for storage or your work desk.

The final touches
Styling your office space is the final step that can help spark inspiration or give you that mental break away from work related activities. We suggest a framed photo of you and loved ones, a piece of art and/or some greenery. An indoor plant is always a great way to bring the outdoors in, and for those who consider themselves to be greenery-challenged, a succulent is a safe option.

Don’t let an awkward space discourage you from creating the space you want.
Check out some of our recent room renders below that we’ve designed and then head over to our portfolio for more home inspiration.

Home office 3d render in a long slim space 1
Home office 3d render in a long slim space 2
Home office 3d render with full wall storage
Home office 3d render with double work desks
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