Sholl Project – Ensuite


North beach Coastal Barn Ensuite - double vanity and mirrors

Client Brief

Our clients wanted a relaxing sanctuary for their ensuite with a large vanity and larger shower, without any extension works.


  • Double vanity.
  • More space in the shower.
  • Removal of the second unused door.
  • Coastal barn style, that is light and bright with elements of brass and pink tones.


Previously this ensuite had a single vanity which finished with a nib wall before the shower screen. The shower tapware was placed on the back wall next to the window with a shower screen door enclosing the space. This room had a second entry door that was never used which went out to the hallway where you could enter the separate powder room.

North Beach Coastal Barn Ensuite - Before


In our design we wanted the ensuite to feel larger and brighter, to create the clients a relaxing sanctuary within the existing space. To do this, we removed the second redundant door and bricked it up. We then replaced the primary door with a barn slider which allowed room for a toilet to be added to the ensuite.

North beach Coastal Barn Ensuite - room overview


The custom-made double vanity remained in the same position with plenty of storage and bench space. We recommended a deeper second drawer to store the taller bathroom items, whilst the top drawer can store the smaller items which we’ve found works perfectly for bathroom items.

North beach Coastal Barn Ensuite - double vanity and mirrors


Our design used an Onyx stone look tile on the floor, and the same on the walls but with a chevron feature on the vanity wall. This adds a beautiful subtle detail to the tiling that makes the vanity stand out with its V Groove panels and pops of pink in the Nood Co basins and mirrors. The Abey brass tapware add an elegance to the room that pair perfectly with the Coastal Barn colour scheme.

North beach Coastal Barn Ensuite - vanity, barn door and toilet


Next is the shower, where we removed the nib wall, changed the position of the dual shower head to the same wall as the vanity and created an open shower. This opened up the shower, making it feel larger. We then placed the towel rails opposite the shower for easy access, plus two hand towel hooks on either side of the vanity.

North beach Coastal Barn Ensuite - vanity, tap, basin and shower


The window was replaced with a full pane of glass awning, which lets in a tremendous amount of light, compared to the previous glass blocks with a small slider above. The added light in this room, makes it feel larger and brighter and with the renovations made it has completely changed the feel of the room.

North beach Coastal Barn Ensuite - room overview


The powder room layout remained as is. We created a new single vanity, replaced the toilet and use the same materials from the ensuite to align with the style of the home.

North Beach Coastal Barn Powder Room- vanity, mirror, basin and tiolet


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